I hate goodbyes...they seriously suck. Whether it's to a loved one, a job (well sometimes that's easy), a place or a home, goodbyes are zero fun. For the past month I've been saying goodbye to many of my belongings as I prepare our home to be put on the market. To say this has been difficult would be an understatement.

I never really thought of myself as a hoarder but as I find myself going through pretty much every single thing I own, I have to say that maybe I sort of am. Shelly Bennett, The Hoarder. In our basement there are things that I haven't used or wanted for years. But they were expensive and so I kept them. In my cupboards are dishes and glassware who's usefulness, it seems, is nothing more than collecting dust. But they are pretty and so I kept them. In my closets are stacks of artwork and papers from when my girls were young. I haven't looked at them since I put them there but I kept them because, well because they were given to me by two people who literally own my heart.

The other day I was cleaning out the closet in the third bedroom that we use as a family room. Inside were names, written in little kid lettering... my daughters' names with plus signs between them. Someone sat in that closet years ago and wrote her name and her sister's name on the wall. I imagine she took her time to form the letters the way she had learned at school (probably preschool or kindergarten as they are all in upper case). I'm certain she was proud of herself yet she most likely knew that she shouldn't be writing on the wall. But she did it anyway. And she did it again in her bedroom closet.

I took a picture of the graffiti and texted it to my daughters. They laughed, especially at the fact that one of their names was spelled wrong. But I have to admit that I didn't laugh when I saw that writing. I cried. I cried because, it was a reminder of times gone by. And a reminder of how many memories this house has seen. And a reminder of one more thing that I won't be able to take with me.

On the plus side, my home is beginning to look better than ever and I'm learning that I'm pretty damn good at making things look good. I'll share some of the tips and tricks I've figured out through this process here in The Blog. Hopefully they will help you to make the place where your memories are made even more beautiful.