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Congratulations! You just made a huge step forward towards wellness and nontoxic living! I'm so excited for you! In the video below I talk a bit about my wellness journey, a quick introduction to essential oils and how easy it is to get started.



 The Premium Starter Kit in all its glory!

The Premium Starter Kit in all its glory!

The Premium Starter Kit 

Most people choose to go with the Premium Starter Kit because it gives you everything you need to get started using essential oils. The 11 oils in the kit have been specially curated to give you a range of oils that can help with issues from immune system support to soothing muscles post workout. Not sure how to use them? Have no fear! Your welcome package will come with materials that will help you to get started using your oils. In addition, we will add you to two FaceBook groups that offer support, recipes, tips and tricks for using Young Living essential oils and oil infused products.

Not interested in essential oils but want to try some of Young Living's other products? There are other Starter Kits available: The Thieves Starter Kit will help you get rid of toxins in your home. The Ningxia Red Starter Kit will give your body systems a kick start. Maybe you're looking to try out the Savvy Minerals Makeup line? Or you'd like to pick and choose some home and body products. There is also a Basic Membership that will give you wholesale pricing and allows you to customize your products to meet your needs.

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step one: Become a member

Your first step on your wellness journey starts with a click of a button. Just choose your Starter Kit, submit your information and you are done. Interested in receiving a customizable wellness box each month? The Essential Rewards Program is for you!

Ordering through the link below will automatically fill in my member number (Shelly Bennett #1918479). This means that I have a responsibility to educate you and make sure you are taken care of. 

If you were referred to this page by one of our other Aloha Dropper team members, you can replace my member number with theirs in the Sponsor and Enroller information spaces.

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Step two: Join our community

Whoop whoop! You just made an amazing choice that is going to have a profound effect on your wellness journey. I'm so happy for you and look forward to helping you to get started. In order for me to add you to our online community, send  you a welcome package, and give you a giant high five, I need you to fill out the form below.

Filling out this form will allow me to verify that you are a customer of mine or another Aloha Dropper and to be able to add you to our exclusive FaceBook group, Aloha Lounge. It will also notify me to send out your welcome package which is filled with tools to help you to get started on your wellness journey. I am so looking forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey.