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Welcome to The Aloha Lounge. It is my intention that this be a place for me to share whatever wisdom the universe gives me. We are all connected and when one person becomes more enlightened, I believe that it is their kuleana (sacred responsibility) to share with the world. Join me as I seek to journey towards enlightenment through wellness, mindfulness and aloha... and whatever else life throws at me.  

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The Blog

I love life and love writing about what I notice and learn. Wellness is so much more than physical health-it extends to our minds, spirits, families, communities & even radiating beyond the world to our limitless universe.

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Essential oils & Wellness

Our obsession with healthy living has led us to share with others about how to get rid of toxic ingredients and take leaps towards wellness.  From quieting your babies to cleaning your home- we've got an oil for that!


The Store

Love essential oils? So do I! I've created some products that I believe will add value to anyone's life. From Diffuser bracelets to roller bottles to downloadable items and recipes...I've got something to enhance your life. 




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